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Our Goal

is to spread the excitement of outdoor adventure, whether just down the street or across the globe, by inspiring people to discover, explore and share their favorite activities and playgrounds.

Hiking gives you the ability to see and explore parts of our country or the world that no other mode of transport is able to take you. If you want to be on top of Drakensberg or Kilimanjaro you have to WALK to it.

Epic Hikes one day hikes

The main idea behind the amazing one day hikes/ Sunday Hikes is to introduce people to what hiking is and what this activity away from the city can do to you physically and mentally, it is a beautiful escape from the concrete jungle which gives you time to be one with yourself and gives you time to connect with yourself others and nature...

Away from the city (3/4 day hike and camp)


Picture this...



You’re walking and around you, are sounds of the leaves blowing, birds chirping, pure serenity, the smell of crisp fresh air, the clearest blue skies and soft clouds you’ve ever see, the tickle from grass swaying past your legs, stones underneath your feet and a sweet aroma of flowers on either side with every step you take.


There are also a few sounds that terrify you because you simply don’t know what lurks in nature’s hidden compartments, but you keep going because you made the decision to start. You made the decisions to conquer your fear of heights, your fear of the unknown and of course you want to check a few things off your bucket list, so you continue walking.

At this point you’re almost half way to the peak of the mountain or the peak of the journey when your legs start giving in, your sweat flows as frequently as a rushing fountain. It’s hot, you can barely breathe, and you’re starting to have second thoughts but you remember that you have gone too far on this journey to turn back now.


While you’re at a conflict with your thoughts, you’re approached by a fellow Epic Hiker… and because you know they don’t expect you to give up, you tell them “It’s challenging, but I will get there” and you continue with the journey, so much so that you start forgetting about the pain and now you’re caught in scintillating conversations with another Epic Hiker about your life and all the lessons you’ve learnt; about your goals and what it will take to achieve them, now you’re talking about your family and how you want to make them proud and even more so... how you want to make yourself proud. Now you’re motivated to keep going, because climbing this mountain symbolizes your life.

One inhale, and step away, you look up... and like a slap in the face, you’ve reached the top, you’re in awe, It’s breath-takingly beautiful and there are smiles at the resting point awaiting your arrival. Suddenly your feet don’t hurt so much and your chest pains have subsided because of the spectacular view.... and you think to yourself “It was worth it... I was worth it”, “and I had everything in me to get to the top”.


Then the journey back to where it all began starts and now you are unstoppable. Now, even though you may not have been the first, the second or the third and maybe not even the forth for that matter... still you have won. You have conquered and you are proud.

We are proud.


You have conquered yourself, you’ve pushed past your own preset limitations, you have made connections and you have mastered what others have been doing... only this time you did it at your own pace. So you set goals do to better at the next hike, to do better in your own life. You were not there to compete with anyone else but yourself, you were not there to make it all the way to give up or consider yourself as a failure. In fact it doesn’t even matter why you were there - but you can be sure to walk away with this...


If you can conquer the mountain that is yourself and the challenges/boundaries that your mind presents, then how much more when you’re back in your every-day life, applying the very lessons that you learnt from that hike?

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